AIGA Santa Barbara

I served as the vice president of AIGA Santa Barbara in 2013 and had the responsibility of planning, designing, and running a student portfolio review day at (now LinkedIn Learning) in Carpenteria, California. I tapped type designer Aoife Mooney to draw the lettering for the theme the AIGA board had thought up: “Vizualize and Realize Your Creative Career”. We kept the visual identity for the event bright, upbeat and friendly to reflect our hopes for student futures.

Within the event identity, we had matching table placards and signage. I designed a postcard, a poster, and digital assets for social media, web advertising, email banners, etc.

I also designed swag for goodie bags: temporary tattoos and pink buttons. After the event, our AIGA board worked with a local screenprinter to print our own t-shirts using the event logo.