Foreign Policy

Editorial design and infographic design

I started my editorial design career at Foreign Policy in 2003. In the five years that I was there, our close-knit team won two National Magazine Awards for Excellence. We were nominated four times within that time frame. Here are a few of my favorite features which I designed and art directed.

The Failed States Index

In the third annual Failed States Index, Foreign Policy and The Fund for Peace rank the countries where the risk of failure is running high. I created vector overlays showing the level of failure risk for each country. I also worked with the Fund for Peace data to create the charts and infographics.

Pain at the Pump

This fun infographic dissects the hidden costs that go into petrol pricing. I helped art direct this beautiful graphic which was created by Linda Eckstein.

The Debt Frenzy

I commissioned illustrator Alex Nabaum to create these inventive illustrators that nail the topic in a sophisticated execution. The story is about how investment firms can become aggressive when foreign debt is available for grabbing up.

The Ideology of Development

Author Bill Easterly examines failed ideologies such as Communism and Fascism and adds Developmentalism to the list. He writes that there is a huge disconnect from the marketed future promised through Western aid and the reality on the ground. To tackle this idea, I enlisted illustrator Mike Benny to create 1950s-style propaganda poster imagery contrasted against the local scenes where the aid is directed. This contrast visualy addresses the misguided nature of the Developmentalism ideology.